About us

Kirkeval is a domestically-owned company engaged in tiling and natural stone laying work with over 20 years of industry experience. We are honest, courageous and hardworking. We do more with less and appreciate efficiency, simplicity and benevolence.

We highly value our people, work and time. Our team currently includes 45 members, including the in-house team, freelance experts and outsourced specialists. We also believe in lifelong learning and long-term thinking. Our team regularly participates in training on various materials, and we also organise study visits to our partner factories in the Nordic countries.


In our daily activities, we are guided by the company’s vision. This involves the following: To be the market leader, the most valued partner and employer. Be a successful and constantly developing company.

We also have a mission, as without it we would not develop for the better. This involves the following: High-quality service guaranteed by top-class materials and a professional team.

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