Tiling work

We like straight tiled walls. We believe that top-notch tiling work makes rooms aesthetically pleasing, with vibrant energies and good thoughts. A correctly set tile pattern offers a pleasurable feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

Long-term experience is undoubtedly one of our greatest advantages. This is especially true as tiling work is a complete service that requires skilful and carefully through-out preliminary work, such as levelling and performing waterproofing.

We carry out tiling work for apartment buildings, house factories and retail premises. Our frequent facilities include swimming pools, spas and steam baths.

We cooperate with most construction companies operating in Estonia, such as Merko Ehitus, Nordecon, Astlanda Ehitus, Maru Ehitus, Messiehitus and others.

We like challenges and constant self-development. Offer us an exciting project and let’s do something powerful and memorable together!



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